martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Enfantes terribles

Many of the referees who –like me– come from the 1960s/70s generation are probably running the last metres of the final stretch.

Many kilometres have been journeyed, many battles lost and won, many beautiful years gone by, and it is fair to leave room for the long-awaited, desired and requested generational shift.

Kiss, Alan Parsons,  Bee Gees, and Air Supply need to be replaced by some Coldplay, System of a Down over here, some One Direction, Shakira, Katy Perry over there.
From the leadership positions, work is being done, with planning and training, to make sure talented youth once and for all takes on the legacy that many of us … want to leave.

Youth with future…
Youth with great physical conditions...
Youth with technique…
Youth with capacity…

That may as well, due to lack of experience perhaps, show arrogance and a childish, tactless, drive whic spoil all the sacrifice, commitment and dedication they possess and exhibit day to day.

Youth that tries to solve with a gun what they might solve with a pen… or vice versa

Youth that dreams of Ezeiza and Charles de Gaulle, but frequently neglects Parìs Orly… or Bus terminal.

Youth that is more concerned with “facebooking” and publicly displaying their achievements and emotions, than with reflecting honestly on the weaknesses to be improved.

Youth that often disqualifies with their tongue instead of showing the red card.

Youth that identifies itself with the teenage model of authority instead of finding their place in an adult authority model, something we ourselves very frequently fail to exemplify.


Youth with talent.
Youth with future.
Youth with commitment.

Youth that urgently needs to copy (and paste) good examples in their “walls”, trying to “add friends” through their responsibility, their criteria, their professionalism, their AUTHORITY, but above all… their HUMILITY.

Thedy Adjemian


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